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Taking Your Performance to the next level

Mental Skills Training with Elite Mentality


elite mentality

gain a competitive advantage over the competition 

Too often mental training is overlooked and even left to chance. Elite Mentality has a variety of proven programs to help accomplish any goal. Elite Mentality uses sport and performance psychology techniques to improve performance..

Think of Elite Mentality as a strength and conditioning coach for your mind. Enhancing performance rather than treating (clinical or counseling psychology). 

Brett Sandwick, CEO and Founder of Elite Mentality, is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with the Association for Applied Sport (AASP #598). For the last 10 years he has been training elite athletes. In that 10 years he has trained thousands of athletes, helping improve their mentality and ultimately their performance. 

Consulting Experience

Elite Mentality has worked with numerous professional, collegiate, high school, club, and youth athletes in individual and team settings to enhance performance.



Brett has trained players in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, Professional Golf Association, Canadian football League, European Football League, ultra marathon runners, competition shooters, and Professional Rugby



Brett has trained athletes, teams, and coaches in college golf, football, baseball, softball, basketball, bowling, volleyball, track and field, lacrosse, cross country and gymnastics

high school


Brett has trained players, coaches, and clubs in high school football, baseball, softball, basketball,  fencing, wrestling, cross country , tennis, swimming, lacrosse and volleyball

Brett is proud to provide mental skills training to Special Operators as a their Cognitive Performance Specialist at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington. He has been training US Army soldiers since 2013. 

Trained by one of the best Sport psychology schools in the nation.


Brett received his Masters in Sport Psychology from Florida State University--the 4th ranked sport psychology program in the country. FSU's faculty experience are leaders in researching sport psychology. While attending FSU, Brett worked with a number of student-athletes to improve performance. 


Teaching Experience
Brett is proud to have taught graduate and undergraduate classes in
Applied Sport Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University

IMG_2014 2_edited.jpg
Teaching Basketball


Elite Mentality has a variety of programs to help improve performance. The specific sport psychology areas trained come from the intake, assessments and observations. These trainings can be in person or virtual Zoom sessions.


from elite mentality

We take a look at what is getting in the way of you at your best and then use targeted sessions to accomplish goals.

Small Group

from elite mentality

Training activities where awareness is reinforced and can then translate into a specific performance arena.

team building

from elite mentality

Custom-tailored activities around your team's goals with an emphasis on building a great team through trust, cohesion, problem solving & communication.


from elite mentality

Choose from over 50 topics ranging that will motivate any team, organization or conference. 

Call Brett Today (253) 242-3241
to schedule and improve your mentality



Look how Elite Mentality has helped athletic teams and individuals. Not only in their sport performances but also in life.

Working with Elite Mentality was one of the best decisions I've made in my professional career. Not only did it help with my preparation skills, but it advanced personal life skills too. When those two things are in place, I am able to perform at my optimal level.

e.j. manuel

Retired nfl quarterback

I was surprised at the effect Elite Mentality mental tools had on my game. After working with Brett for a short period I achieved a dream of mine in qualifying for my first tour event. His tools helped me find the right mentality to perform at my best and believe in myself.

john eisentrout

professional golfer

Brett's teachings on using mentality to influence performance were very effective. My players still reference his discussion 6 months later and remain focused on the play. 

m. westbrook

youth/high school
football coach

We hired Elite Mentality to help us prepare for an outstanding season both physically and emotionally. His ability to bring out the best in each player was exceptional.

J. Kiley

high school
basketball coach

Elite Mentality has been instrumental in the growth of our player's confidence and resilience. My personal time spent with Brett has significantly increased my coaching effectiveness.

P. McCann

Fresnso State University
WR Coach

Focus golf
Football Camp
Observing golf


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sports section

Pro Sport  

comprehensive sports medicine clinic


dept of defense

coaches training
  • Why are you a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and not a Sport Psychologist?
    In order to be a Psychologist you have to have a counseling or clinical psychology background. Psychologists diagnose and treat illnesses. Brett Sandwick, Elite Mentality's CEO and Founder, has a Master's of Science in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. His specialty is to give mental techniques to improve mindset. He is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC #598) through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, the governing body of sport psychology.
  • I'm not an elite/professional athlete, how can psychological skills training help me?"
    Sport and performance psychology is not just for elite athletes but is increasingly critical for high-level performers. The higher the level in sport, the smaller the difference in athleticism. However, even at the youth level, mentality matters. Even if you are not an athlete, if mindset plays a role in your performance, it should be train and Elite Mentality can help.
  • I don't have any psychological problems or struggling, why would I need a mental performance specialist?"
    You don't have to be sick to get better. Do you have a problem if you train a personal trainer? Absolutely not! You want to condition your body to perform better. The same is true with your mind. Elite Mentality can identify areas for improvement as well as things you do well in an effort to optimize your performance on a consistent basis--regardless of the situation.
  • What does Elite Mentality have to offer me?
    As a performer, you don't leave physical conditioning and skills to chance, you train the physical aspects in a systematic way. Don't leave your mindselt to chance, which is a large percentage of your performance. Just like physical training, mental skills take practice to perfect. Elite Mentality has a wide variety of techniques that help target areas for improvement so you have the confidence to accomplish your goals.
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